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15 Cleaning Myths And What To Do Instead

House work is one of the most rewarding jobs but its a lot of work to maintain all areas of the home and it takes a lot of time.

30 Commonly Missed House Chores

Norwex Consultant FAQ's

Are you looking to learn more about the Norwex opportunity? One thing I'm told is that people would like to know more about the opportunity, the commissions, Norwex products, and the company culture. Norwex is all about giving back to communities, looking out for the wildlife, marine life, and their consultants. As someone looking at this as a new opportunity, welcome. One of the best parts of the company is training new consultants and watching them hit their goals early on in the business.

Best Cleaning Products For Housekeeping

Why Norwex?

Organizing Your Child's Room Ideas, 2020

Simple and Easy Organization in NO TIME at all

Have you noticed that your kids have too many toys, clothes, and too much stuff?!? #MOMSTRUGGLE 

Have You Got The Balls To Protect Your Hardwood Floors?

Hardwood floors are beautiful but how do you keep them scratch FREE?

ASQHS INC has tried various felts, sleeves and saucers to protect the hardwood floors but it didn’t matter what we used, everything fell off or wore out quite quickly. Once moving into our new family home we KNEW we needed something to protect the hardwood or the floors would be destroyed in no time.