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Dress For Success

Our Vision:

We at ASQHS Inc have decided to join forces with Dress for Success to help assist women in the Ottawa area. The program is designed to help women gain the confidence and skills needed to join the workforce.

We have paired up with this organization to help with the challenges women face when re-entering the workforce. 

Whether they've been raising a family, furthering their education or overcoming personal circumstance, these women need our help to move forward in their new careers. We understand what it's like to face adversity and want to help remove some of the roadblocks to allow the women in our community a fresh start. 

It is our mission to pick up and deliver lightly used, work appropriate clothing, shoes and accessories on a monthly basis. We also need new undergarments, camisoles, nylons/ socks and monetary contributions. All monetary donations go directly to the program through the link below. 

Thank you in advance for helping fund the mission of Dress For Success and ASQHS Inc. With your help in raising awareness for this fantastic organization and your gracious contributions, you will be helping the women in your neighbourhood achieve their goals for a brighter future.


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Dress For Success - Mission:

To promote the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, a network of support & the career development tools to help women thrive in work & in life.

A registered Canadian charity, Dress for Success Ottawa is one of the 140 affiliates of Dress for Success Worldwide and one of eleven in Canada.

Working with over 60 local not-for-profit and charitable organizations, which act as referral agencies, Dress for Success Ottawa has “suited” over 1000 disadvantaged women in the Ottawa area. Our referral agencies are vastly unique, but all have the common goal of supporting women in the community. The vast majority of the women served by Dress for Success Ottawa are marginalized women looking to re-enter, or enter, the Canadian workforce, many are single mothers, victims of abuse, new Canadians or of aboriginal decent.

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