Simple and Easy Organization in NO TIME at all

Have you noticed that your kids have too many toys, clothes, and too much stuff?!? #MOMSTRUGGLE 

How can these little creatures have so many things to turn upside down, in about 2 seconds flat, all well being SILENT?! I swear they're little ninjas. Tis the season for too many toys and not enough space to store everything. So how do you decide what to give away, what to sell and what to hold on to for future children? We would love to hear how you make this decision because it can be tough to get rid of toys that your kids were once so fond of.

Mandy enjoys organizing and cleaning, while implementing simple solutions through her client's homes, to get things off the floor, off the surfaces and put away. As part of a quality clean with ASQHS INC, you don't need to fuss over the toys on the floor or the beds not made. Leave the chores to us let us wow you with the details. After all, this is what our clients hire us for, so please DON'T CLEAN before the cleaner arrives!

We are ALWAYS asked for different tips or cleaning tricks and asked how to get organized around the house, so here you have it, we are going to offer you some of the top cleaning tips and ways to stay organized in your home and in the kid's toy area. Let's jump right in..

Do your littles love to read? We have actually seen many children go into full out tantrums because they had to transition from reading or coloring. WHAT!??! If only these were adulting issues, right?! When we redid the girl's room we went through and carefully chose elements that we knew they would love and we wouldn’t be going overboard as the parents. One of the choices we made was a reading nook. Mandy saw this cute little teepee nook in many homes and with munchkins that love to read, it was easy to decide they NEEDED it. We made a teepee that hung from the ceiling, added several plush pillows, and with a simple strand of clear lights, it was done! 

What we used:

Two neutral colored, wide paneled curtains
A round shower curtain rod
4 screws
Level and a pencil
A stud finder

*Ensure that you are securing the rod to a stud in the wall. This will avoid having the rod falling on your little one.
The rod was a tougher item to find so we went with Amazon and had it on our doorstep in UNDER 24 HOURS.

Once you hang the curtain rod, hang the curtain and start decorating. We left the curtains very bulky and draping, to add texture to the canopy and more room on the inside. It’s dimly lit with clear lights attached to the walls and removable photos of the girls that they can hold, take to bed with them and move around. The photos are being held on the lights with small stationery paper clips to work on dexterity. Subtle small sensory and cognitive toys can be found throughout the room to help them practice buttons, zippers, letter recognition, tying strings, etc. The floor is lined with scatter throw pillows that we found on Amazon for under $5 per pillow! 

How To Organize Your Kids Toys

A good sturdy toy box is key to a tidy room and a little one's willingness to pick up, from my (Mandy’s) experience as a mom of five. When Mandy first had children 18 years ago, 6-foot shelving units lined the walls and each shelf was filled with toys, crafts, and clutter. The kids were always overstimulated, never knew what to play with and the room was always upside-down because there were too many toys. After many trips to different stores in search of the right storage, Mandy has finally kicked the #momstruggle in the toy department and has the kids interested in picking up all the toys and putting them away, #momwins!

The kids DID NOT just start picking up once the toy box was in the room, hopeful, but it didn’t happen! Lol. First I’ll show you what we bought so it makes sense as I explain it...


With this box, you can add various sized totes or bins inside the box to keep your kids and their toys organized. Our kids are able to remove the bins they want to play with and all remaining toys stay tucked away. Our kid's attention span is a lot longer with fewer toys and stimulations surrounding them, their room remains cleaner for us and they want to put their toys in the bin because they think our ‘Robot’ vacuum is going to take their toys.

When we first got the boxes for the kids, they felt overwhelmed by the number of toys and clutter in their rooms. Explaining that we were going to set them up with things that allowed them more space and versatility was easy. Getting them to respect the new way of playing was difficult in the beginning. There were bins with toys in them, so naturally, a child wants to dump it all. over. the. floor. Teaching a new way of play was easy with the use of visual aids. It was a great way to explain why we couldn’t dump all the boxes and bins and why we must pick up after ourselves. Within the week this routine became a habit and even our youngest kids (3 years old) participates in this way of play and clean up (with the odd power imbalance haha).  We buy totes and bins for every area in our home so finding affordable offers with versatility is important to our family. We have opted for a simple and clean design of grey and white and they come in a 6 pack.

Laundry, okay laundry. THE. DREADED. TASK. LAUNDRY.

Does anyone else dislike LAUNDRY? MANDY wishes for disposable clothing considering there are 5 kids that are ALWAYS changing! This is one topic that Mandy is going to talk about A LOT because changes are always being made and new practices are being put in place. First, we will tell you what doesn’t work. The answer, WASHABLE clothing! I’m serious. Laundry is the never-ending task that is so thankless and time-consuming. If we wore clothing that didn’t need to be laundered think of all your free time! Since wearing our birthday suit isn’t an option, I found a few options a little less frightening for the neighbors.

How to make laundry faster and easier

  • ​Laundry does not get mixed together unless its towels
  • ​Each person in the house has their own hamper of dirty clothing
  • Every hamper has a mesh bag attached to the side. This collects delicate undergarments, nylons, and socks. NO MORE MISSING SOCKS, #MOMWINS!
  • Each person (excluding our 3-year-old) helps fold their own laundry. They have a laundry day on their personal chore schedule and know when they come home, they help fold their 1-2 loads of wash and put it away.
  • Keeping up with the wash is the only way that you will be able to stay on top of it. When you have a full load of dirty clothes, start the wash and set a timer. After 1.5 hours you will thank yourself for not having mounds of piled up laundry and a sock bucket beginning to look like Everest in the master bedroom.

Choose a hamper than once it’s full you know it’s a full load of wash. Makes laundry managing a lot easier.

Our little minions can be pretty untidy, would you agree?

Sure it depends what they have in their space but if they have the tiniest piece of paper they end up turning it into a 1,000 pieces of confetti and eureka you have a huge mess! We have always kept small garbage cans in their room with a lid to store their dry garbage like Kleenex or clothing tags. Your children will take the same degree of pride in their room as you do. If you spend time keeping it tidy, making it a nice space that is organized they will help to the best of their ability to do the same. Adding a small garbage can is a good way to get your littles involved in keeping their space clean and create a little chore for them to help with on garbage day.

Do your kids have a gazillion stuffed animals that have taken over their bedroom and sleeping area? As the owner of a cleaning company we see a PILE of stuffed animals in every kid's bedroom and eventually they overflow to the parents' room. How does this happen? Parents and Grandparents can’t help but treat the kids to their favorite toys… BUT seriously, HOW MANY STUFFED ANIMALS CAN ONE ROOM HOLD!!! Our kids are no different than all the other kids out there.. they have WAY too many toys and stuffed animals and we are CONSTANTLY looking for ways to stay organized and free of clutter. We came across a stuffed animal toy hammock that holds all the kids' stuffies and let me tell you, this thing was a game-changer.

The hammock has allowed me to scale back dramatically, hold ourselves accountable for how many they have, keep them laundered and free of dust while having them on display in a cute way that appears organized. The hammocks are under 10 bucks, washable and are great for the teens too… EXCEPT, they can throw their clothing in there and get it off the floor #MomWins. Be sure to use the appropriate wall anchors and hooks or you could damage the walls.

Baby closets can be a TOTAL PAIN in the A$$!

Is it just me or is baby clothing not really designed to be hung in the closet on a regular hanger? Or have we been doing something wrong for all these years. We tried the smaller hangers and lower closet bars but nothing really made a difference in terms of our organization. We love “shop” online for the ideal pieces of furniture or organization pieces to make our lives easier and live more conveniently within our space. When I found the perfect organizer with the right size curtain rod, the perfect size shelving, drawers, and the right layout, we added it to our daughter’s closets to complete the final makeover to the room. Check this out, seriously it's AMAZING.

We would love to see your creative designs. Did you paint a favourite canvas or design an accent wall? We invite you to send your blog to If you get selected, we will feature your blog and images on our website.

We would LOVE to hear what you enjoyed about this article and what you have tried in your own space.