Are you looking to learn more about the Norwex opportunity? One thing I'm told is that people would like to know more about the opportunity, the commissions, Norwex products, and the company culture. Norwex is all about giving back to communities, looking out for the wildlife, marine life, and their consultants. As someone looking at this as a new opportunity, welcome. One of the best parts of the company is training new consultants and watching them hit their goals early on in the business. Norwex has built an incredible company structure and offers new consultants all the right tools to do well. 

Here are the most frequently asked questions about becoming a Norwex consultant. If you still have questions after this, please contact me by email.

Sign Up To Become A Norwex Consultant

Signing up to be a Norwex Consultant, is EASY and FAST! You can sign up to be a Norwex consultant using a simple ONLINE application form. 
Just be sure to have the following information handy:

  1. SSN (US) or SIN (CAD) – this is requested to ensure proper reporting of income received as a result of business transactions
  2. Credit Card number – Norwex needs an active credit card on file. This card can be in your name or in the name of your spouse. For new Norwex consultants who receive the starter kit for FREE, there is the understanding that you will need to sell $2000 (retail*) within the first 90 days, or Norwex will charge you $200 for your starter kit at the end of the 90 days. The credit card number you give them will be held on file to cover this $200 charge.
  3. Mailing address, phone number, and email.
    The Norwex online application form is for both residents of the USA & Canada

How much does it cost to become a Norwex consultant and what do you get in the start-up kit

It is $9.99 US/CDN plus applicable taxes. The agreement with Norwex is, you will sell $2000 in Norwex products in 90 days or pay a fee of $200, to cover the cost of the kit. It typically takes 4-6 parties to sell $2000 which is $450-$600 a month. The starter kit will vary according to your area - below is a sample picture.
*Mandy was able to accomplish this in 60 days for those wondering if this is possible.




  • Earn a 35% discount immediately on personal retail purchases along with retail sales to customers!

  • Our average party is over $500.00 and that means you earn on average - $175.00 every time you share Norwex with a group!
  • Everything you need to Create Safe Havens comes in your Starter Kit and you can start for just $9.99
  • The Norwex Host Program is funded completely by Norwex – it costs you the consultant nothing!  And it’s really a generous incentive program!
  • No need to wait – start building a team right away and discover the “leader” in you!
  • Free products from Norwex – just for inviting others to join Norwex! 
  • Monthly customer and host specials to excite!
  • Monthly Consultant incentive and rewards programs for you to earn!

Have you been wanting to try something new? Maybe you want to get out more to socialize? Or you want to earn the added income. These are all great reasons to get started today and become part of a rapidly growing team. Want to hit promotions with your teammates? Do you want to give up the 9-5 one day? Let's chat about how Norwex could help you achieve all these goals and more.

More Common Questions About Norwex

  • Do you need to live in the same area as your sponsor? No, you do not need to live in the same area as your sponsor. You will have access to your sponsor and an online community on Facebook. Plus you will also have access to online training videos in your virtual office.
  • As a sponsor, I do as much individual training as each consultant wants. It is important to their early on success in product knowledge and goal achievement. Sponsors offer regular training across many social mediums.
  • What is the best way to learn about Norwex products? The best way to learn about Norwex is to use it. Contact Mandy by email to book your party today and get Norwex in your hands. 

Marketing your Norwex biz

Norwex consultants have a great deal of freedom to decide where and how to sell their products. Not only can you sell Norwex at home parties, but you can also…

  • sell direct to friends, family, or people that you meet through your business
  • do trade shows or exhibits
  • sell at flea markets, farmers’ markets, craft shows, etc.
  • conduct online sales through a website
  • fundraisers
  • blog about Norwex on a blog that complies with our corporate media policy

Where are Norwex consultants NOT allowed to sell

Norwex consultants have a lot of ability to share and showcase their sale items however there are a couple of areas you're not permitted to advertise

  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Facebook Market Place
  • Or anywhere that doesn't comply with corporate policy

Norwex will offer you a personalized website to help you sell and share your products with your consumers. There is a very low monthly fee for the site but you will have access to all of Norwex's cataloged items and blogs if you are opted-in for the website. Norwex offers corporate training, as well as your team lead, would also offer you ongoing training and assistance as you navigate your new business and understand your business tools. Please let us know if you have any questions as you're considering this opportunity. You can reach Mandy by email to ask about products, the opportunity or about setting up a conversation around what products would be the best suit for your home and family. If you want to go ahead and join the opportunity now, check out this link for the prompts.

As always thanks for joining us and our team! We are excited to have you enquiring about the consultancy and just as excited for those of you joining