There are some very unflattering areas of the washroom that need cleaning and without the right tools, these areas can be a NIGHTMARE. There are the obvious washroom jobs like the sink, tub, and toilet, but what about the toilet seat and lid, the base of the toilet, the baseboards, the mirror, stand up showers and washroom accessories, how do you clean those areas? In this article, we're going to talk about what we at ASQHS INC use and how we clean those grimy areas.

The first thing you should decide is, what cloths are going to be for what job, and then clean the cleanest area first and leave the dirtiest for last. You also want to have a cloth specifically for dusting the washroom fixtures and accessories and you won’t want to use this anywhere else in the washroom. Once the dust is on the cloth it sticks to the water making it harder to clean.

We highly recommend using Norwex products to clean your home given its a chemical-free solution that cleans with just water and has a 2-year microfibre guarantee. To learn more about Norwex, you can check out our other blog Best Cleaning Products For Housekeeping or How To Know If It's An Eco-Friendly Cleaning Product article. Norwex offers sustainable, antibac cloths that inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi and odors to 99%.

To clean the washroom easily, and to be able to get in all the nooks and crannies, you want a good spray bottle to spray those hard to clean areas like the hinge on the toilet seat, the seat attachments and the base of the toilet. These are all very dirty areas that won’t get clean without being able to soak it and wipe it down. We have had many people ask ‘don’t you have to remove the toilet seats?’ And the answer is no, not if you clean the seat and surrounding areas every clean.

We recommend using the Norwex enviro cloth for everything in the washroom except for inside the toilet. Pair the enviro cloth with our mirror cloth and you’ll have the washroom looking like new in no time. The window cloth is helpful for all the finishing like chrome, washing the mirror, drying the sink, or wiping washroom accessories. We recommend using the Norwex ergonomic toilet brush with rim extender for cleaning inside the toilet and rim. This toilet brush is unique in the sense that the brissels are silicone vs nylon and the cradle suspends the toilet brush, preventing it from sitting in the dirty water while it dries. Made with durable ThermoPlastic Rubber (TPR), with an antibacterial agent that helps suppress the growth of bacteria and mold to protect the brush. The Ergonomic Toilet Brush thoroughly cleans the toilet bowl without scratching the surface. The cylindrical-shaped head reaches into the trap, while the extension is specially designed for thorough cleaning under the rim. The plastic handle has an ergonomically designed grip with a touch of rubber for a comfortable and easy hold. Once you’re done cleaning, rinse and store the toilet brush in its caddy. Wipe the back of the toilet, the toilet flush handle, and lastly the base by the floor. Everything runs down - eeeww sorry for that visual- so make sure you leave this area for the end as it may be really dirty the first couple cleans.

If you spray the walls and baseboards near the toilet and wipe the whole area, it will be easier to maintain a clean washroom. You may also consider wiping the wall near the hand drying towel given water runs off your hands and down the walls. ASQHS INC is all about the details of the clean and ensuring that you wipe or dust everything in the washroom. The toilet paper holder attracts lint and becomes dusty, so a quick dust of the toilet paper holder and towel rack can really leave a washroom looking spotless.

Whether you’re looking to clean your shower or bathtub, ASQHS INC recommends you grab an enviro cloth, a window cloth and Norwex’s cleaning paste. The cleaning paste adds a slight grit to your clean, allowing you to remove any of the soap scum or stuck on grime. The cleaning paste is free of harmful chemicals and works well with the enviro cloth. The enviro will lift all the dirt, trapping it in the fibre of the microfibre, and not transferring it to another spot in the shower. When you’re done washing the shower, dry it with the enviro and finish the details with your window cloth.

If you have a small powder room with a pedestal sink and little storage, storage bins with lids are a great way to put away toiletries or store extra TP. And don’t forget to place an odor eliminator on the back of your toilet. Norwex offers an enzyme-based eliminator, that prevents odors before they happen. Fragrance-free, this eliminator is sprayed before using the washroom to omit odors and prevent the spread of germs. 1 or 2 sprays is all your family or guests need to be able to go, without everyone having to know.

Kick the aerosol cans to the curb and kiss the chemicals goodbye. Norwex’s essential oil spray is the perfect way to freshen up every washroom.

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