Hardwood floors are beautiful but how do you keep them scratch FREE?

ASQHS INC has tried various felts, sleeves and saucers to protect the hardwood floors but it didn’t matter what we used, everything fell off or wore out quite quickly. Once moving into our new family home we KNEW we needed something to protect the hardwood or the floors would be destroyed in no time.

We bought a 4 pack of green tennis balls at Walmart for roughly $5 CDN as our proof of concept and once we knew it worked we added them to the rest of the chairs. We bought the small tennis balls for the smaller chair legs and larger ones for the larger chairs approximately 2 years ago and haven’t had to buy new ones. The best way to wash the balls is in the dishwasher on the bottom rack. There are ways you can dye the tennis ball however we have pets so we choose to purchase green decor vs dying them.

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What is the best mop for hardwood floors

ASQHS INC has tried just about every mop on the market. Many of the mops sold today are either disposable, not washable or risk damaging the hardwood floors. Plus all of these mops require cleaning solvents or chemicals to "wash" the floor, which in and of itself is one of the main problems.

Over the years of using different mops, we have come up with a few highlights of the mopping systems that are most preferred.

  • A plus microfibre pad for washing the floor
  • A telescopic handle for varying heights
  • User's versatility
  • An extended warranty
  • Works without the chemicals
  • Sustainable

ASQHS INC prides themselves in being conscious of what they use to clean their clients home. Once they discovered Norwex’s mopping system, they were sold on all of its features and benefits it extended the homeowners and their own cleaners. ASQHS INC started referring people to Norwex’s line of sustainable microfibre cleaning products because they’re being named bestseller by HGTV and many others in the cleaning space. ASQHS INC values the #norwexmovement and wants to encourage every homeowner to use more eco-friendly solutions that aren’t contaminating our waters, impacting our wildlife and taking the lives of so much marine life. Our client’s homes and the cleanliness is what we are hired to maintain, and we do just that, CLEAN, without the need for chemicals and tools that don’t work.

ASQHS INC has been referring the Norwex mopping system for its versatility, ease of use, convent storage and it’s patented BackLoc technology. This technology allows you to skip the all-purpose cleaners and antibacterial soaps and clean with just water. You’re already trying to dodge the pollutants and debris from outside, the last thing you want to do is coat your floors with chemicals and toxins. Instead, harness the power of static electricity and water to get them completely clean and chemical-free - and keep them clean for longer!

Norwex cleaning solutions offer you endless options and convenient uses. The mop is not just a mop for your floors! This design can be used for your walls, windows, shower, floors and even the ceiling. Want to clean under the appliances? The microfibre pad can reach under the appliance without all the heavy backbreaking work of moving it. Instead attach the mop pad sideways, setting it up like a ’T’ and allow the microfibre pad to slide under the appliance collecting the dirt and debris.

When you’re done with the Norwex microfibre pad, all you have to do is toss it in the wash or rinse it and let it air dry. The BackLoc technology will purify the pad and have it ready for next time you need it. Norwex has a design for small or large spaces and even a convenient handheld for scrubbing shower grout, spot washing the walls or cleaning the kids' washroom. The Norwex options are endless allowing you to choose the tools that work best for you, your space, and your level of clean.

Some other helpful features with the Norwex mop is the end with the ball on the handle. This will help you remove scuff stains on the floors or even remove soap scum off the shower walls. Plus you can dust or wash your baseboards without all the bending and scrubbing. Go along the baseboards with the soft microfibre pad removing any dust or stuck-on dirt. Add a little water to the wet pad to clean up the baseboards at the front door or around the garage and in minutes you can have a clean home without the heavy fragrances, toxins or sticky residues on the floors.

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