My name is Mandy Mulvihill and I am excited you have come to my page, welcome. We all have our own journey’s and I am so fortunate you have chosen to read mine.

In life, we all have those defining moments that change things for us. Those moments are the moments that shape us the most and set us up for the next leg in our lives. For me, this eureka moment was about a year ago when I was introduced to Norwex, from the consultant side. And from that moment, I have put my blinders on, built a growing team, received promotion and had some good Ol’ fashion Norwex fun.

When I first learned about Norwex, I was cleaning homes full-time, so I had seen Norwex MANY times and knew of its quality but that was the extent. Once I joined and saw the team I joined and spoke to my up-lines, I knew I made a good decision and got to work. Within my first 60 days, I recruited a team of 8, got promoted and earned so many Norwex products for display or draws.

House cleaning isn’t fun work so you should at least have the best tools to get the job done most efficiently, without all the chemicals and toxins. When I got my Norwex starter kit, I got to work right away because I wanted everyone cleaning with JUST WATER. As I hit my different goals more and more FedX parcels arrived to my home and soon my whole family was benefitting from everything Norwex had to offer.

My family has supported me and this mission from the day I started and now we are all sharing our love for Norwex, the Norwex movement, and making as many homes a Safe Haven. Norwex is a remarkable company that will take you places your dreams are made of. I have had the pleasure of training hundreds of women in Canada/US and pushed boundaries I didn’t know I could.

This last year has presented so many colorful changes, that I never could have imagined my life being where it is now. Roughly one year ago, I was a full-time entrepreneur, working outside the home as a residential house cleaner, and now one year later I am a full-time consultant, that has found success as an online entrepreneur. I am excited to welcome you into a team that growing team.

My team of men and women are truly amazing. I am so thankful for all their hard work, their team effort, how much they have committed to themselves and their family to change their lives, rid the chemicals, and create a different life for themselves. Our team is excited to talk about goal setting with you and whether you’re wanting to remove the chemicals or wanting to do this full-time, we can help set you up for the most success. Norwex is a great family business and we are excited to invite you into ours. We can’t wait to connect and start rocking your journey.