Yes, even moms have tantrums! But mom tantrums are a lot different than the tantrum of a 2 or 3-year-old. Mom tantrums are over sassy kids, uncooked meals and a dirty home, would you agree? If you're nodding you're head, this article is for you.

We have been in the cleaning industry for approximately 20 years, and the one thing that we understand is the mom tantrum when it comes to dirty floors, fingerprints on the stainless and dirty patio door. For years this was a struggle in every American home that had kids - windows, stainless and floors. Everything on the market was either too expensive, didn't work or was full of chemicals. So many moms were left asking these same questions in moms groups on Facebook, and repeating themselves in various Instagram feeds, NOTHING WORKED.


Finally, 8 years ago, ASQHS INC was introduced to various top quality cleaning products that were named best sellers in more than 13 countries, chemical-free, sustainable and made of recycled materials. We continued to try to find cleaning solutions available in-store, as that's what we thought the majority of our clients wanted, but the more we looked, the more we tried new things, the more we agreed that we just weren't satisfied with cleaning products found in stores.

What we found were many of the products in-store are filled with fragrance, and dyes that caused skin irritations and sensitivities for our cleaners, cleaning the washrooms, the kitchens, and mopping. There are so many options available but all of them are all designed with the same problems, they are filled with toxins and fillers, leave an awful residue or harsh scents and just don’t work. The floor solutions were actually surprising. They contain SO MANY radical chemicals that haven't been tested on humans for prolonged use but tell us to wash our floors with it - our kids and animals playground. My concern with the all-purpose cleaners or floor cleaners is how safe are they for your kids? The pets? The hardwood floors? Or the natural stone? Clearly all these things have very different requirements. How could there possibly be a chemical that is safe to be left on the floors where the kids play?

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After years of searching for chemical-free solutions that work, we are pleased to tell you we have the answer and a solution... So the title of this blog is Avoidable Mom Tantrums because you don’t have to feel like you’re throwing a fit for every cleaning product that doesn’t work, or every product that underperforms. You don’t have to leave the windows, mirrors, and glass with fingerprints because it takes too long to clean it. And ladies, there’s even a solution for the stainless, and it starts with water!


We have cleaned A LOT of homes over the last many years, and through our ventures, the 3 most spoke about annoying house chores are glass, windows, and mirrors, stainless steel, and dirty floors. Sure there’s the laundry, vacuuming, and washrooms but those are more big chores vs annoying, would you agree? Send us your thoughts by email


We promise windows and mirrors shouldn’t take any more than a few seconds a window, and washing the stainless shouldn’t take any longer than it takes to cause the smudge. Did you know both can be cleaned with water and microfibre? Norwex offers a couple of options for cleaning the stainless and the best part is they’re both chemical-free options and machine washable. The first option is the stainless steel cloth and water. The stainless steel microfibre cloth offers the appliance the risk-free cleaning solution you’ve been looking for. This cloth will remove oils, smudges, fingerprints plus keep your appliances looking like new. How it works is with a suede type microfibre material, that is tightly woven, allowing the cloth to easily and effectively wash away unwanted marks. Another option Norwex offers is the mirror cloth and enviro cloth. Both the enviro cloth and the mirror cloth are two of Norwex’s flagship products that offer a lot of versatility.


The enviro cloth is a multi-purpose cloth or our clean everything cloth. The enviro cloth will clean 99% of all bacteria, mold, and fungi, with just water! The enviro cloth is very effective for cleaning mirrors, windows, glass, chrome and even stainless. Wash with the enviro, dry with the mirror cloth and within minutes your windows and appliances will be left spotless with a streak-free shine.

The last avoidable mom tantrum is the floors!! Seems this is a thankless job that’s never done, and without a dog or a Roomba and a Norwex mop, the job is never going to be done. ASQHS INC started seeing all the robot vacuums in various homes and finally picked up a Roomba for Mandy to use in her home. Four years later, the Roomba is still running strong, and the only thing that keeps Mandy’s busy family of 7 from having to clean up after themselves and the pets.


Finally on to washing the floors. Mandy has tried MANY mops and mopping systems but never really found one to actually clean the floors. The disposable mops are disposable, filled with fragrance and toxic chemicals. The string mops are not washable meaning after you wash the floor the first time you’re always washing your floors with a dirty mop. And many of the other common household brands were designed to break, wear in the wash plus needed chemicals for the floors to be “clean”. Until Mandy found the Norwex mopping system. Have you ladies seen this beauty? Men this is a mop you’re safely able to gift your special lady. The Norwex mop is designed with a telescopic handle addressing the first issue of handles being the wrong height. On the one end of the mop you will see a velcro strip that will secure the mop pad. On the other end, you will notice a large ball. This ball is to help remove scuffs or sticky marks off the floors or out of the shower. This tool is honestly a housekeepers dream!! The pads are sustainable, some made of 70% recycled materials, plus there are pads for your tiled floors, hardwood, dry mopping, windows, walls and much more. With a telescopic handle, Norwex has made it possible for you to wash your walls and even second-story windows without the use of a ladder.">


Norwex contains a technology called Backloc. What this means is you’re not required to use cleaners to clean your surfaces, washrooms or even floors; with the cloths that contain this technology. The microfibre is designed to pick up and remove all dirt and bacteria up to 99% with just water and no all-purpose cleaners or no chemicals


Norwex has been excelling in cleaning solutions for the last 25 years and managed to be named HGTV’s most intuitive cleaners, namely the enviro cloth.


What cleaning tool or cleaning product do you and your family use the most? Do you like this product? Or are you looking for something different? 


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