If you have a house or apartment, you know how much work it is to keep up with the house work and maintence. It's not easy getting in all the nooks and crannies, plus keep up with all the details, does this sound about right? With this article we hope to help you tackle all the chores with a professional touch. ASQHS focuses on the details of the clean to check off all the chores, big or small and acknowledges that it can be hard to clean the whole house without missing some of the main "wow" factors. In this article, we are going to share the top 30 commonly missed house chores as well as offer solutions to help clean these areas more effeciently and more affordably, while being eco-friendly.

30 Commonly Missed House Chores

  1. Cupboard Fronts
  2. Tops of Cupboards
  3. Inside the Fridge
  4. Washroom Ceiling Vents
  5. TV Screens
  6. Patio Door Tracks
  7. Washroom Fixtures
  8. Inside The Oven
  9. Under the Area Rugs
  10. Under the Beds
  11. Inside the Kitchen Drawers
  12. Chair Legs
  13. Under Couch Cushions
  14. Vacuuming Bed Mattress
  15. Dusting Doors
  16. Blinds
  17. Shower Curtains
  18. Stuffed Animals
  19. Inside Cupboards
  20. Ceiling - Cob Webs
  21. Garbage Cans
  22. Recycle bins
  23. Kitchen Sink
  24. Drains
  25. Outdoor Vents (dryer for example)
  26. Light switch or outlet covers
  27. Ducts
  28. Backsplash
  29. Lightbulbs
  30. Dryer Lint Trap

Did any of these chores surprise you?

As we started creating the list, we were amazed to hear how many chores were overlooked in the average home, and how much guilt people felt as a result. But the reality is a lot of families don't have the time to have a prestign home 24/7. What are your commonly missed chores? Do you put pressure on yourself to get the house work done? We would love to hear the areas that you've noticed you're missing in the home. 

There are several really helpful cleaning solutions that ASQHS could recommend, but in effort to make house work easy and consistent, we tend to recommend five items from the Norwex catelogue. Norwex offers innovative, sustainable cleaning solutions that remove the chemicals and allow you to clean your home with microfibre and water.

Are you cleaning with just water?

Top 5 Cleaning Tools

  1. Enviro Cloth - This cloth is the clean everything cloth and will replace all of your washroom cleaners, disinfectant wipes, and all purpose cleaners. You won't need any of the harsh chemicals or toxins and instead replace those plastic bottles with microfibre cloths. Norwex's enviro cloth inhibits the growth of mould, fungi, and bacteria with it's BacLock technology or silver properities. When you're not using the enviro cloth, simply hang it to dry so it can purify and be ready for the next use.
  2. Window Cloth - The Norwex window cloth allows you to clean windows in seconds without the streaks. Pair the window cloth with the the enviro cloth and you can clean or polish almost everything in the house without wasting time and effort.
  3. Dusting Mitt - Dusting takes a lot of time, especially if you want to keep up with it. Disposable dusters congest our landfills plus they dont work and many of the dusting cloths leave lint behind which is frustrating in itself. The Norwex microfibre dusting mitt work with static electricity, so all you have to do is rub your hand and the mitt together and start dusting. The dust is drawn to the mitt and suddenly dusting is simple.
  4. Cleaning Paste - Sometimes you need a lil "elbow grease", so Norwex came out with their version of "elbow grease" in a jar. The cleaning paste can clean sharpie off the wall, soap scum out of showers or grease off your BBQ grill. Kiss the scrubbing and hard cleaning good-bye. The cleaning paste adds a slight grit to the stuck on dirt and within a few simple wipes it's clean
  5. Laundry Detergent - How often are you fighting stains that just won't clean? Have you noticed your clothes appearing dull or dim appearing? Detergents tend to build up in our clothing along with phosphates, fillers and dyes. If these toxins aren't washed from your clothing your clothes being appearing dull and faded. The Norwex laundry soap fights stains, prevents discolouration, and is free of phosphates, fillers, and dyes. Plus, the packaging is reusable throughout your home when the product is empty, which is an added bonus for our landfill.

The Safe Have 5 is the perfect starter package for anyone thinking about switching to green cleaners. Norwex offers the enviro cloth in many colours allowing you to colour cooridnate your cleaning tasks.

Which of the missed house chores have you been forgetting? We would love to hear from you in the comment below. Do you have a cleaning struggle? We invite you to send us an email that we may feature on our social mediums, or in a future blog article. As always, thanks so much for reading our Dirty Lil Secrets and happy cleaning.